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COVID-19 & Bridal Beauty


COVID-19 has changed a lot about how businesses run, and the hair and makeup industry is no exception. Here at Dana Leigh Glam, we are continuing to practice social distancing and extra handwashing as we be are currently taking services. The top priority, even above the perfect bridal look, is to keep you healthy and safe.

So... Now what? How does this impact you and your appointment?

At the start of your appointment, we are required to take your temperature with a touch-less

thermometer to ensure that you do not have a fever. Additionally, both the client and artist will

both wash their hands and wear a mask for the duration of your appointment with the exception

of makeup applications. Each artist is required to set up their workstations 6 feet apart.

The Good News:

Makeup artists are required by law to be vigilant about their sanitation and infection control practices all the time, pandemic or not. My professional makeup and hair kits and the workstation are and have always been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each client. Aside from following strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols regulated by local agencies before the effects of COVID-19, I’ve now adopted extra safety precautions and placed even greater emphasis on deep cleaning. I am committed to continually evaluating what must be done to meet the needs of you, my clients, and to adhere to CDC guidelines as well as state regulations.


Looking for the nitty-gritty?

Things I do to keep both of us safe include but are not limited to the list below. The new additions to our sanitation practices are italicized:

  • Disposable gloves are worn to clean and disinfect. Surfaces in the studio are first cleaned using soap & water followed by a hospital-grade disinfectant. On location, all surfaces, tables, and chairs are disinfected before setting up the workspace. (I always provide my own work surface, lighting, and chair.) In addition, all bags and carrying cases are disinfected inside and out, including handles, and wheels. 

  • I wash my hands, and wrist with warm, soapy water for 30 seconds before beginning each service. I use hand sanitizer as an extra precaution before we start services.

  • Only makeup brushes that have been washed with soap and water are used. Spray brush cleaner is never used between clients. Spray brush cleaner is only meant to remove color from a brush, not to sanitize. 

  • All applicators, wands and spatulas are kept in covered containers when not in use.

  • Pencil liners are sanitized and disinfected before and after each use. 

  • No makeup brushes or applicators are ever dipped directly into beauty products. I only work off of stainless steel palettes. No product is ever applied right out of the tube unless it is a new, unopened product that is yours to keep afterward.

  • All tools and products are disinfected prior to packing my kit after completing a job. This prevents cross-contamination.

  • More time has been added to each appointment to allow me to thoroughly disinfect the work station before the next client.

If you have an upcoming appointment and aren’t feeling your best, please email or call and I’ll be happy to reschedule! I am waiving the 24-hour cancellation policy.

I will continue to closely monitor and educate myself on this developing situation and will make necessary adjustments according to state and federal guidelines. For information about Coronavirus, please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Thank you for trusting Dana Leigh Glam to keep you safe, and to make you look and feel like your most confident, true self. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out and email me here!

And as if we haven’t heard it a million times - stay safe out there!

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